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Japanese life style of Buddhism

There is a family's Buddhist altar in most house of we Japanese.There is a mortuary tablet of ancestors and the person concerned there.And we offer water and rice, and give glory to floral art, and light an incense stick, and weputhands together and worship it every day.We keep a favorite and beat thing ofthe person who died at time and the first article.When the equinoctial week and the Buddhist Lantern Festival, anniversary memorial service visits it, we follow a family's Buddhist altar and a grave with a pretty family and get.

In this way, the relationship that doesn't run out even if Buddhist mass, a family's Buddhist altar are continues, and it is concerned with we Japanese in everyday life deep naturally.


To a family's Buddhist altar, there are mortuary tabletsof ancestors and the deceased mainly on principal idol Buddha.And we worship Buddha as an object of faith for Japanese, and pray for the conservation and think of ancestors and the deceased through Buddha, and have double meaning and value thanked.It is never power of oneself that we can spend it cheerfully every day.It depends on the universe and a thing by a blessing from nature.


Principal idol Buddha gets up in the highest palace which there is centrally of a family's Buddhist altar.Principal idol Buddha enshrines a thing decided by a denomination of family.We put wooden statue or principal idol Buddha of seated figure generally.


A mortuary tablet is done with a symbol of a soul of the deceased with the mortuary tablet which posthumous Buddhist name and secular name of the deceased, the death date was kept in.In Buddhism, the best by a memorial service of the deceased building a tower.It is important to put the mortuary tablet which miniaturized it at a family's Buddhist altar.


BeadsBeads are the Buddhist altar fittings that it is hanged on a handle, and is used when do joining hands worship of Buddha.The right hand is the world of clean Buddha, and, in Buddhism, the left hand means our world.We sprinkle it on the left wrist usually, and sprinkle it in both hands when worship it.

An above-mentioned thing is typical Buddhist altar decorations, but there is it in various ways elsewhere.But it is a feeling of thanks to Buddha that is most important.There is various religion, but a feeling of thanks is considered to be that all is been common to.


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